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Guided by the wooden puppet who has become Prince Charming, the young Clara confronts her desires and anxieties in an initiatory tale. Snowflakes, flowers and enchanted landscapes form the backdrop to a dazzling choreography.

In Puccini's last opera,  Turandot, a princess renowned for her beauty submits her suitors to three riddles. The prince who manages to solve them will win her hand and the throne. Alas, so far, all have failed and suffered the implacable punishment: death. Will young Calaf succeed? 

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FRA Cinéma

FRA Cinéma brings opera and ballet performances to the big screen. Exclusive cinema distributor for the Opéra National de Paris, both in France and throughout the world, FRA Cinéma offers an annual program of operas and ballets for independent venues and for the cinemas of its UGC and CGR partners. The performances are broadcast live from the Palais Garnier and the Opera Bastille and are then shown at later dates depending on the cinema and country. The FRA Cinema catalogue also includes works filmed at other opera houses in Europe.

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FRA Prod is an audiovisual production and distribution independent company specialising in recordings of opera and ballet performances and cultural documentaries.
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