Giselle by the Paris Opera Ballet

Photo Giselle

Placed under the aegis of a multitude of talents: Théophile Gautier - co-author of the libretto -, Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot - who sign the choreography -, Alexandre Benois - whose designs inspired the sets and costumes -, Patrice Bart and Eugène Polyakov - to whom we owe the adaptation of the ballet for the Paris Opera, Giselle represents the apogee of the new romantic aesthetic that was very much in vogue in the intellectual and artistic circles of the early 19th century.
Live in cinemas Thursday 6 Feb. 7:15pm

Dorothée Gilbert, Danseuse Étoile, Giselle
Mathieu Ganio, Danseur Étoile, Albrecht
Valentine Colasante, Danseuse Étoile, Myrtha 
Audric Bezard, Premier Danseur, Hilarion
Les Premiers Danseurs
and  the Corps de Ballet of the Paris Opera