The Wayward Daughter

Release date
Palais Garnier
Frederick Ashton
Louis-Joseph-Ferdinand Hérold
Musical direction
Philip Ellis

Étoiles, Premières Danseuses, Premiers Danseurs and Corps de Ballet
Paris national Opera Orchestra

Photo credit
© Francette Levieux/OnP

Main informations

La Fille mal gardée recounts the triumph of thwarted love thanks to cunning. This ballet-pantomime, created by Jean Dauberval in July 1789 at the Grand-Théâtre de Bordeaux, has inspired many choreographers throughout history with its childlike universe and its lighthearted vision of the peasant world. In 1960, the English choreographer Frederick Ashton’s virtuoso and humorous version set roosters, old ladies and umbrellas dancing. A gallery of irresistible characters perform to the sound of popular songs and opera buffa arias. A fine example of the “ballet d’action” theorised in 1760 by Jean-Georges Noverre, a choreographic genre that emphasises expressiveness, La Fille mal gardée dazzles and entertains thanks to its sheer freshness. Bet it in the farmyard or the cornfield, the hearts of Lise and Colas search for and eventually find each other. In the manner of a musical, the original script, reworked by Ashton, carries us away with its whimsy and smiles.

Artistic team

Ballet in two acts
Music / Louis-Joseph-Ferdinand Hérold
Arrangements / John Lanchbery

Choreography / Frederick Ashton
After Jean Dauberval
Set and costume design / Osbert Lancaster
Lighting design / George Thomson

Musical direction / Philip Ellis
Paris national Opera Orchestra

Presented by José Martinez, Dance Director - Opéra national de Paris

Photos: Léonore Baulac (Lise), Guillaume Diop (Colas) and Simon Valastro (Mère Simone) © Benoîte Fanton/OnP


Étoiles, Premières Danseuses, Premiers Danseurs and Corps de Ballet


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