The Red and the Black

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Palais Garnier
Pierre Lacotte
Jules Massenet
Musical direction
Jonathan Darlington

Étoiles, Premiers Danseurs and Corps de Ballet of the Paris Opera

Paris Opera Orchestra

Palais Garnier
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© Svetlana Loboff/OnP

Main informations

<p>In the 1830s, during the period of the Restauration, Julien Sorel, an irresistible young 18-year‑old, experiences a meteoric rise. A protégé of the abbé Chélan, he gains access to the world of the aristocracy and finds himself at the very heart of the struggle for power. <em>The Red and the Black</em> is the story of a tumultuous life in which love proves to be the most dangerous of passions. Madame de Rênal and Mathilde de La Mole lead the protagonist through the twists and intrigues of a 19th century in which desire, politics and religion form the backdrop for a brilliant character study. In sumptuous sets and costumes which he himself has conceived, Pierre Lacotte, who reconstituted <em>La Sylphide</em>, <em>Paquita </em>and <em>Coppélia</em>, now offers us an entirely new creation based on Stendhal’s novel of the same name, accompanied by a musical anthology from Jules Massenet.</p>

Équipe artistique

<p>Creation<br />
<br />
Ballet in three acts<br />
<strong>Music /&nbsp;</strong>Jules Massenet<br />
<strong>Arrangements&nbsp;</strong><strong>and musical adaptation /&nbsp;</strong>Benoît Menut,&nbsp;Editions Artchipel<br />
<strong>Libretto /&nbsp;</strong>Pierre Lacotte<br />
<strong>After&nbsp;</strong>Stendhal<br />
<br />
<strong>Choreography,&nbsp;set and costume design /&nbsp;</strong>Pierre Lacotte<br />
<strong>Collaboration on set production /&nbsp;</strong>Jean-Luc Simonini<br />
<strong>Costume Assistant&nbsp;/&nbsp;</strong>Xavier Ronze<br />
<strong>Lighting design /&nbsp;</strong>Madjid Hakimi</p>

<p><strong>Conductor&nbsp;/&nbsp;</strong>Jonathan Darlington<br />
Paris Opera Orchestra</p>

<p>Presented by Aurélie Dupont,<br />
Paris Opera’s Director of Dance</p>


<p>Étoiles, Premiers Danseurs and Corps de Ballet of the Paris Opera</p>


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